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Skin Needling

MDerma™ creates micropunctures in the skin causing the body to respond by initiating the repair process.  The aim is to increase production of collagen, similar to fractional laser treatments, but without the side-effects or significant downtime.

MDerma™ is advanced, it is appropriate and recommended to use in sensitive and previously inaccessible areas such as the upper and lower eyes, lips and nose.


MDerma™ can be used to treat the appearance of

  • Scars including acne, surgical and burns
  • Anti-aging such as skin tightening, natural collagen induction, lifting and reuvenation
  • Minimizing open pores
  • Aiding penetration of treatment products and skin hydration (Ie plasma rich platelets)
  • Improving stretch marks.


Treatments are recommended 2-4 weeks apart and at least 4 treatments are required to see optimum results.

The condition of your skin will continue to improve over the next 12 months especially if combine with a skin care regime or other treatments such as injectables, plasma rich platelets, facials, and skin peels.


Please call us for a free skin consultation and assessments  so that we can advise you on the most effective treatment regime for your specific needs.