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Regenerative Medicine using Factor4-(Next generation PRP)

PRP Therapy aims to slow down the aging process.

What is Factor4?

FACTOR4 is a highly concentrated and super-rich serum containing four times more growth factors and cytokines than any other blood treatment on the market (It is the next generation PRP)

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a form of regenerative medicine that has become widely used for cosmetic therapy. It helps restore youthful skin, improve skin tone and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.  A small amount of blood will be drawn from you in which the plasma is extracted and re-injected into the dermis of the skin as a restorative technique

Platelets contains  tremendous amounts of proteins containing specific growth factors which are responsible for activating and rejuvenating cells in the skin by promoting repair, capillary formation and collagen repair. Growth factors initiate accelerated tissue repair  and is central to the elasticity and regeneration of our skin.

What are the benefits?

PRP is a non-invasive medical aesthetic treatment which uses our own body regenerative ability to rejuvenate the skin without the concerns for allergic reaction. Studies have shown that the treatment helps to:

  • Rejuvenating the skin
  • Eliminate fine lines
  • Improve the appearance of acne scarring
  • Speed up the healing process after a facial peel
  • Improve tired and dry skin, laxity of skin
  • Improve uneven pigmentation
  • Overall texture and tone improvement
  • Improve dark circles under the eyes
  • Certain types of alopecia or general hair thinning


  • Small amounts of blood is drawn from you and the PRP is prepared,
  • Your skin will be cleansed and prepared for treatment.  A topical cream can be given to reduce discomfort.
  • The platelets is re-injected into the target area (face, neck, hands) using several techniques including microneedling and cannula.


Results begin to show 3-4 weeks after the treatment session and continue to improve with time. Three treatment sessions are generally recommended, 1-2 weeks  apart, to achieve the best outcome.

For best results PRP therapy  can be used in conjunction  with other treatments such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injection which all have a role in facial rejuvenation.